Pieces of Me
A piece of me goes away, things with no importance
Now without beauty, a piece of me goes away
I won’t miss it, but I know a piece of me goes away or maybe it has already gone.
 I heard from a friend: How to be a better person next year?

More questions and thoughts to be analyzed
How to behave – to love more, maybe that is what I should focus on
To look with passion and let it happen
To let free every single minute – today, the present
The now is beautiful - create now…
The moment, the mind, the spirit and part of me…

An abstract mind, Pisces, with no direction?
A path, an open space, focus in which point if there are so many?
Now a point on the paper to write free words and unsupported ideas.
Maybe my mind is wandering aimlessly. There are so many maybes,
Maybe a moment for poetry.
Free, free word, abstract mind, analytical…
In which moment am I?
Dot, now, moment, I am.