My paintings and sculptures are defined by expressionism,
where I am the instrument. Without a defined ideal, I
enjoy spontaneity when planning, when exploring
possibilities to execute new ideas. 
However, sculpting is an interesting process where
intervention must be done with creativity and
reason, intuition and caution. I need both energies in
order to project images and emotions from
 my collective visual memory, from the surprises that keep coming
and to give the sculpture space to work and transform on its own
Working with steel, with a figurative form or with a mixed medium piece, all happens with some planning. In a continuous and spontaneous way, I abstract and stretch the reality of the shapes,
bending and twisting them, looking for the angles that
can bring harmony and unity to the whole. Each
movement modifies the work. I am constantly looking for the perfect shape. When I finally see the final piece is when I have the culmination of an emotion-filled work in front of me. 
In my work, I look for interactive qualities, which from
every angle, every irregularity I see, I perceive a new relationship of forms and manage to keep every piece unique.
I enjoy the immediacy of my art. From flat surfaces, multi-dimensions quickly appear in front of my eyes, with their own language – I am merely the tool that allows them to emerge.
And about my poetry, I will tell you later.